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Do you provide other services?

Yes, hair extensions and spray tanning are also part of my repertoire - I said I would make you look fabulous :)

Why do I need a trial?
A trial is needed to establish exactly how you want your hair and make up to look on the day of your wedding, so everything runs smoothly on the day. There maybe a specific look you want to create or your may want to try a couple of different ideas, until you are completely happy with your finished look. You may never have worn false lashes and want to know what they feel like or might like to purchase a matching lipgloss to top up throughout the evening?
All your questions can be answered at this time. Also some looks may require hair pieces, such as padding or hair wefts which can be coloured matched and purchased prior to the day. This will also give you an idea of timings for the day. As this can vary greatly depending on whether you have young bridesmaids having all there hair curled or just mums having make up etc.
Make up trials should normally take place around 3weeks before the big day, hair trials can be done 6-8 weeks before hand, in case hair pieces need to be ordered. Always bring any viels, tiaras, etc you are thinking of wearing as well as any particular colour samples of make up you would like to show me!
I currently work for estee lauder as well as being a MACpro member, so a majority of the products I use are MAC or estee lauder. I also use other selected high quality brands such as Laura Mercier, shu eumura, Nars etc. Although I have never experienced any problems with any products I use please mention if you have sensetive skin or have ever had a reaction to any make up/ skincare in the past.
What will happen on the day of the wedding?
 On the day of the wedding, I will travel to where ever you need me to be. All I will need is an area with natural light for example by a window or in a well lit room to apply the make up. For the hair I will usually need to be by a power point to plug in tongs, hairdryer etc.

You dont need to apply anything to your skin on the morning of the wedding as I will be prepp and prime your skin before your make up is applied. However everyones hair needs to be washed the night before and not straightened or curled.

 First to get ready will be the Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride. The Bride is done last to ensure that you get the most time and that the make up will be fresh. I will usually stay until you are in your dress so that any final touches of lipstick or hairspray can be added and you can be sure you are picture perfect, looking and feeling amazing.

Personal tips/advice:

  • Collect as many pics as possible before your trial. They are a great way to communicate what you like aswell as what you don't. This includes pics for bridesmaids and mums too!
  • It is a good idea to purchase a matching lipstick/ gloss to top up throughout the day. So you can look fresh in every picture even after eating and kissing. You could just ask a bridesmaid to pop it in there bag. I can get this for you if you wish?
  • Waterproof mascara is essential. Not just for the bride, it can be an emotional day for everyone!
  • Try to follow a good skincare routine in the months leading up to your wedding. If possible have regular facials and drink plenty of water to ensure your skin is in the very best condition for the make up to sit on and to ensure it is long lasting. You can ask me for advice and products on this if you would like.
  • Think about your cut an colour as well as hair style. You may want to have some deep conditioning treatments so that your hair is looking as shiny and healthy as possible. Your colour is important too, You will probably want your colour done about a week or two in advance, So it still looks fresh an you will have minimal regrowth.
  • Any questions? dont hesitate to ask anything! Thats what I'm here for

What happens if  I'm ill?:
 Firstly this is highly unlikely, it has never happened in eight years! but should it be the case I frequently work with a large network of fully qualified make up artists and hairdressers so I would do everything possible to ensure someone one is there.